Monday, August 15, 2005

I am not a pig.

The Woman handed me a bunch of crunchytreats last night. There were like seven of them. I scarfed them up right away (It's the best way to let them know I prefer these to those awful rubbery "chicken" treats)

The woman looked at me and called me a pig!

Do treats affect the people's vision? Did my fur turn pink? Did I suddenly grow a snout? I can't see any diffrence in my reflection in the mirror so it must be them!

Well I sure hope the start seeing me as a kitty again soon. I don't know what Pigs eat, but I bet it's not as good as my crunchyfood.


Blogger Max said...

I get comments like that. Sometimes they call me "Hoover," too. But since Bddah got here, and he eats WAY faster than me, the names have stopped. Now they wonder if he's hollow...

12:00 AM  
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