Monday, October 10, 2005

And the winner is......

Well now, that's complicated.

You see, I talked with the people and they liked all of the names but each had thier own favorites. They talked and talked but couldn't decide on one favorite name. Instead they each choose a neame that would be compatible with each other.

So we have a tie.

The winners are Timmy and Ginger!

The Woman liked Snack. The Man decided that they would call him Rasberry Snack with Snack as the nick name. Then if anyone asked what kind of fish Snack was they could reply "Rasberry". Then of course they have to explane that the fish was named by a bunch of cats....

As for the prize, Timmy and Ginger have both won a place in the upcoming Mad Moses Kitty video game! We've had this in the works for a while and the man decided this would be a nice way of thanking the winners. When you play the game you will be able to play as Moses, Ginger or Timmy - and there is a hidden character.

A fully functional demo is up. There's no objective but you can move the kitties around the screen and see the models. The actually game is about half done. One more map (it's only going to be two levels), and the storytelling elements, as well as the kitty progress bars and the engine that allows you to select which character you use need to be created. Another month perhaps. It'll be posted up here when done. In the meantime you can poke around at the demo here.;4232094;;/fileinfo.html

There's also a couple of images of the models below. Now excuse me while I go stare at the Snack...I mean the fish.....